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Le elettroniche dell'impianto


Amplificatore A/V Denon

Amplificatore integrato multicanale per applicazioni A/V. 170 W su 8 ohm x 7 canali, con capacita' di decodifica Dolby Pro Logic (con Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit-Digital), Dolby Digital/AC-3, DTS ES, DTS, THX Ultra 5.1 e THX Surround EX. 2 processori SHARC 32-bit. Convertitore D/A audio a 24 bit/192kHz in modalita' differenziale. Elaborazione AL24. Ingressi multicanale 7.1. Interfaccia IEEE 1394 e porta RS232 per upgrade futuri. Ingressi video: 8 S-Video, 8 composite e 3 component. Uscite video: 5 S-Video, 5 composite e 1 component. Possibilita' di sonorizzare altre stanze con l'uscita Multi Zone. Telecomando touch screen programmabile e multifunzione in dotazione. Finitura nero o oro

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Denon DVD 3910
Lettore DVD Audio/Video & Super Audio CD con Circuito Video Dual Discrete

Lettore digitale universale per DVD Audio/Video/SACD, CD, CD-R/RW, WMA, MP3, JPEG e Kodak Picture CD. Circuito Progressive Scan DCDi Faroudja (PAL/NTSC). Convertitore D/A audio a 24bit192kHz. Circuito Pixel Image Correction. Elaborazione AL24 per tutti i canali. Decoder HDCD. Doppi convertitori D/A video 12bit/216MHz. Uscite audio digitali AC-3, DTS, e PCM 24/96. Uscita analogica stereo, uscite digitali (ottico e coassiale) ed uscite analogiche separate 5.1. 1 uscita video composito, 1 S-Video, 1 Scart RGB, 1 component, 1 DVI e 1 HDMI selezionabili, Porta RS-232. IEEE-1394. Denon Link. Telecomando retroilluminato glow-key multifunzione in dotazione. On screen display. Finitura in nero, silver o premium silver.

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Video proiettore Infocus 4805

The 4805 features a 16:9 format DLP chip in 854x480 resolution, and a six-segment, 4x speed color wheel. As is typical with many home theater projectors these days, the lumen output is relatively low, rated at a maximum of 750 ANSI lumens. However, contrast is a very high 2200:1. Therefore, for best results the unit should be used in a darkened viewing space with little or no ambient light.
Lens and throw distance. Manual zoom and focus with a 1.2x zoom range. A 100" diagonal 16:9 image is obtained in the range of about 13 to 15.5 feet (based upon our measurements, as of this writing the throw distance calculations for this model on the Infocus website are off by about a foot at 100" diagonal).
Lamp. Dual mode 160W/200W SHP with up to 4000-hour lamp life in low power mode.
Compatibility. DVI (HDCP), component and RGB HDTV 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i, and computer resolutions up to XGA (1024x768). NTSC, PAL, SECAM.
Connection panel. Located on the rear of the unit. Inputs include one set of 3 RCAs for HDTV and component progressive and interlaced signals; one M1 port that takes DVI (HDCP), HDMI (with adapter), RGB and component HDTV; one S-video port; one composite video jack. In addition there is one set of stereo RCA audio inputs and a 12v trigger for screen drop.
Brightness uniformity. Very good, with illumination perfectly even across the left two-thirds of the screen and fading no more than 15% toward the right edge.

Resolution: WVGA (854×480)
Brightness: 750 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 2200:1
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Display Technology: DLP
Lens: F/2.4, f 21-25 mm
Weight: 6.8 lbs.
HDTV/SDTV compatible — when connected to a separate HDTV tuner, displays all signals at 480p
Stunning Images Come from Attention to Detail — The ScreenPlay 4805 uses native 16:9
DarkChip2 DLP technology from Texas Instruments, the only display solution that creates an entirely digital connection between a source and the screen in front of you.
Academy-Award-Winning Enhanced Faroudja DCDi Video Processing — The images are produced with ultimate fidelity: clear and artifact-free, without those jagged lines you see on some large-format displays.
Auto-calibrating 6-segment, 4x color wheel eliminating the “rainbow effect” that can plague business projectors with slower color wheels
Pre-calibrated to 6500K
Incredible Movies, Games, TV and More — Project everything in amazing color, size and clarity. Plug in any type of game box and jump into the action, show off your vacation photos from your digital camera or camcorder, or enjoy front-row seating for your favorite team by attaching to your TV.
Lightweight Package — At 7.8 lbs (3.5 kg) the ScreenPlay 4805 is light enough to take to a friend’s house – small enough to carry under your arm.
Inputs and Outputs:
1 — Component (RCA): HDTV, EDTV (progressive), and Standard TV component video (interlaced)
1 — S-Video: Standard Video
1 — Composite (RCA): Standard Video
1 — Stereo RCA jacks: L&R Audio input
1 — DVI (M1):HDTV RGB, HDTV Component, DVI with HDCP decryption, computer and USB, HDMI via available adapter
1 — 3.5mm Stereo Mini-Jack: Audio output (variable)
1 — 3.5mm Mini-Jack: 12v screen-drop

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Le casse acustiche

Frontali: Jmlab Cobalt 816 S

Drive units: 2 x 160mm W-cone bass and mid/bass 25mm treated titanium inverted dome tweeter
Enclosure type: bass reflex
Frequency response: 43Hz-22kHz ±3dB
Crossover frequency: 400Hz, 2.2kHz
Sensitivity: 91.5dB/m @2.83V
Impedance: 8ohms
Power handling: 125W
Dimensions: 980(h)x220(w)x308(d)mm

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Jmlab Cobalt CC800 S
Drive units: 2 x 160mm W-cone bass and mid/bass, 25mm treated titanium inverted dome tweeter
Frequency response: 60Hz-22kHz ±3dB
Crossover frequency: 2.2kHz
Sensitivity: 92.5dB/m@2.83V
Impedance: 8ohms
Power handling: 100W
Dimensions: 180(h) x520(w)x298(d)mm

Jmlab Cobalt 806 S
Description: 2-way bass reflex bookshelf loudspeaker Drivers: • 6-1/2" W cone mid-bass with 1" coil • 1" Tioxid 5 inverted dome tweeter with 3/4" coil L.F. (-6dB): 45 Hz Frequency Response:50 Hz - 22 kHz Efficiency: 90 dB Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms Minimum Impedance: 3 ohms Crossover Frequencies: 2.2 kHz Maximum power handling with music program: 75 W Recommended amplifier: 20 - 60 W Dimensions (HxWxD): 385 x 220 x 278 mm Weight: 8.9 kg Front Cover: Acoustically transparent metal grille Port: One front circular port Positioning and accessories: On shelves or on 60cm stand Rear Connectors: Two pairs of gold plated binding posts

Centale Posteriore: Jmlab Chorus CC700
Frequency response: 61Hz-22kHz (±3dB)
Sensitivity (2.83v/1m): 91.5dB
Dimensions: 180(h) x 500(w) x 280(d)mm
Weight: 7.9Kg.

Subwoofer: Definitive Technologies SuperCube Reference

The SuperCube® I, II, & III have set new performance standards for high-output ultra-compact subwoofers. With the new SuperCube® Reference, Definitive sets new performance standards for subwoofers period! The Reference incorporates a 14" version of the 10" SuperCube® Technology driver pressure coupled to two 14" infrasonic radiators. All this is powered by an 1800-watt class D amplifier. The result is astounding high-definition bass performance extending effortlessly down below 11 Hz. Each SuperCube® Reference goes lower than and has dynamic impact and output capabilities almost equivalent to that of four SuperCube® subwoofers combined. Slam, pace and rhythm are exemplary as is the ability to actually shake cement slab foundations. A complete complement of inputs and controls, including continuously variable level, high-pass, low-pass and phase controls, speaker and line level in and out, and LFE Direct in, are included on this surprisingly compact and stylish cube. The SuperCube® Reference will be available in piano-gloss black. Available Now!
Dimensions: 16-3/4" W x 16-3/4" D x 16-15/16" H
Response: 11 Hz — 200Hz
Complement: One 14" long-throw subwoofer coupled to two 14" infrasonic radiators
Amplifier: 1800 watts Digitally-Coupled Class D Amplifier
Low Pass Crossover: 24 dB/octave continuously adjustable variable (40 —150 Hz) plus Unfiltered LFE direct coupled input
High Pass Crossover: 12dB/octave continuously variable (40 — 150hz) level: 6 dB octave (80 Hz)
Finish: Piano gloss black
Weight: 111 lbs.

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Amplificatore A/V Pioneer VSX-D2011-S

For an all-round, breathtaking sound experience that will take you into the future choose the VSX-D2011-S. At the heart of the high-quality sound production lies the Advanced Direct Energy MOS FET 7-channel equal power amplification (100 W x 7 DIN). The sound is enhanced by the receiver’s design, which features a double layered chassis and 3-D Space Frame Construction, as well as 192 kHz/24-bit DACs for top quality reproduction. Clear precision sounds are part of Pioneer’s Advanced Multi-channel Stereophonic Philosophy. The Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration (MCACC)system with microphone monitors your sound environment and automatically adjusts your system to reach the perfect tonal level. To bring the fullest expression to the sound, the VSX-D2011-S also features THX Select, AIR Studios fine-tuning, and an Audio Scaler, which enhances the signals from any digital source to create a smoother, more natural sound. Last but not least: this versatile receiver can handle 96/24 DTS, THX Surround EX/Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES Discrete 6.1, DTS-NEO:6 and Pro Logic II formats. On top, the Surround modes include Virtual Surround Back. It comes with multiple connectivity options and the 7.1 multi-channel input means that it ’s ready for future surround sound formats. And with the learning remote control unit with large LCD, the receiver is easy handled. For ‘regular ’ 5.1-channel set-up, VSX-D2011-S can be configured to bi-amp the front left and right speakers, making it the perfect choice for audiophiles and cinephiles alike. The VSX-D2011-S has one USB terminal for connection with PC audio sources.

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Video proiettore Infocus ScreenPlay LS110

Now, the quality of InFocus projectors comes home. Slip the InFocus Screenplay LS 110 digital projector into any room you have. Plug it in — to your DVD, VCR, TV tuner, HDTV set top box, video gaming system, or computer — and experience the latest in BIG screen entertainment at home: premium picture quality with a crisp 600:1 contrast ratio. Exceptional video quality from DCDi video processing by Faroudja means suppression of artifacts and unrivaled features such as cross-color suppression, per-pixel motion adaptive processing, and patented film mode allowing for both 3:2 and 2:2 pull down. And, connectivity that includes DVI input with HDCP decryption allows display of the highest quality digital video. Larger-than-life movies, sports, games, and Web equal pure entertainment and are now yours to have. Bring it home.
Dual-mode Digital Light Processing™ system with true 16:9 and 4:3 video displays.
HDTV (1080i and 720p) compatible, component video (YPbPr), and standard NTSC, PAL, and SECAM, plus the ability to display all popular DVD formats.
Proprietary Directional Correlation Deinterlacing (DCDi™) technology from Faroudja provides optimum video quality, and suppresses artifacts for the clearest images from any video input.
Exclusive 6-segment, 4-speed color wheel technology delivers natural, saturated colors and sharp contrast.
Flexible installation and placement (mount it on the ceiling or place it on a table top), with digital keystone correction, allows placement of the LS110 above or below the screen with no image distortion.
Easy to use with onscreen menus in eight languages, multiple pre-set modes for film, video, and PC, plus extensive image controls for color saturation, contrast, tint, and brightness.
Film mode detection with 3:2 and 2:2 pull down, per-pixel motion detection and compensation.

Infocus ls110 Home Theater Video Projector Specifications:

Video: Component and RGB HDTV (720p, 1080i); Standard video, 576i, 480i;Component 480p progressive scan video; S-video (Y/C) and composite video; DVI/HDCP for digital video
Computer: Digital and analog PC, Macintosh,®1024x768 resolution thru intelligent resizing
Communication: USB and RS-232
HDTV: Component, M1-DA VESA, and HD15 VESA YPbPr Component Video: RCA x 3
Y/C S-Video: 4-pin mini DIN
Composite Video: RCA x 1
Video Audio: RCA x 2
Computer: M1-DA VESA and HD15 VESA
Computer Audio: 3.5mm stereo mini-jack x 2
RS-232: 9-pin DSUB male
Computer RGB Out: 15-pin HDDSUB female
Projection System: Single chip dual-mode DLP™ system
Resolution: 848x480 (16:9) and 800x600 (4:3)
Projection Lens: 1.2x zoom lens
Color Wheel: 6-segment, 4-speed color wheel
Contrast Ratio: 600:1 full on/full off
Lamp: User replaceable 220 Watt high-pressure mercury
Lumens: 1000 ANSI
Colors: 16.7 million simultaneously displayable
Modes: Front/rear and table top/ceiling mode
Focusing Distance: 6.5-33 feet (2-10m)
Keystone Correction: Digital, up to +/- 20 degrees
Optimal Image Size: 5-12 feet (1.52-3.66m) diagonal image size
Throw Ratio: 16:9 = 1.48-1.82; 4:3 = 1.44-1.78 (dist./diag.)
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